Samantha Foster - Composer

Samantha Foster - Composer

Video Game & Film Composer for Hire

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We compose custom music for: mobile & casual games (iOS, Android, Windows phone, etc.), console games (PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, WiiU), handheld devices (3DS, PS Vita, etc.), PC games, flash/browser based games, feature films, short films, television, advertising/commercials, animated series, animated shorts, animated features, documentaries, planetarium shows, interactive exhibits, and any form of media that needs music. In other words, anything that requires music. Hire us for your next project!

We've work with clients around the globe! We'd love to score more projects from the following locations: Canada (Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, & Toronto), California (SoCal: Hollywood, Los Angeles, Glendale, Simi Valley, Studio City, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, San Diego, Agoura Hills, Encino, & Santa Monica. NoCal: San Francisco, San Mateo, Foster City, Redwood City, Redwood Shores, Novato, & San Jose), France (Paris, Montreuil, Montreuil Sous Bois, Bordeaux, Lyon, & Rennes), United Kingdom (England: London & Southampton), Washington (Seattle, Spokane, Kirkland, Redmond, & Bellevue), New York City, Texas (Austin & Houston), Germany, Norway, Japan, Massachusetts (Waltham & Boston), Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, North Carolina, and Maryland (Baltimore, Silver Spring, Rockville, Greenbelt, & Bethesda).

Types of game projects we would love to score: adventure games, RPGs, puzzle games, first person shooters, third person shooters, sci-fi, action/adventure, platformers, action games, open world games, games similar to Myst, Syberia, or Sam & Max, etc.

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