client Testimonials

Sam is very professional and is very quick with her awesome music. I was surprised to wake up to emails from her on the weekend. Definitely plan on using her again in future projects.
— Lucia Hill-Rains, CEO, Punchdrunk Games [Regicide: Tale of the Forgotten Thief]
Samantha brings an excellent asset in our project as a talented composer, very committed to her work. She is a great person to work with, and always willing to improve her skills. Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative.
— Christophe Illy, CEO, Acreplume [Raids of Nohosphere]
To mention as well, music is superb. I really like the music in the main menu. Can listen to it all day long :)
— Dmitriy Polyakov, CEO, Game Artists [Chess Conquest]
Sam’s music really captures the wistful and reflective nature of the picture - I didn’t want anything too syrupy or emotional in terms of tone. She probably grew sick of me saying “slower” or “less tempo” when the first draft of a cue was written. I was always amazed how quickly she’d adjust to my direction and adapt the cue to my liking - she worked quickly! And I loved that! Being that the film is a documentary, I didn’t really want much score - just music to enhance certain scenes when I felt they needed a bit more “pep”. Sam’s done a terrific job of giving me what I wanted and I think she’s got a very bright future ahead of her. I’m always eager to hear what she’s tackling next!
— Matthew James Eppright, Director/Producer, MJE Films [Actresses]